Marketing Excellence Award

NAAMO Marketing Excellence Award

The NAAMO Marketing Excellence Award was launched in 2006 to annually recognize and award innovative and effective agricultural marketing projects by states/provinces. Additionally, the award serves to transfer knowledge about innovative and effective projects to other states/provinces for their consideration/use.

Since its inception in 2006, the NAAMO Agricultural Marketing Excellence Award has recognized the best of our membership’s marketing efforts. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to share the success of your marketing team and a bit of how-to, creativity, and inspiration with your colleagues by entering this year’s competition.

Applications for the next competition will be due in Spring of 2024. Details about how to enter and the criteria for judging can be found in the attached application. Are you ready to add your state to the growing list of award winners?

Top applicants will be invited to present their projects at the NAAMO annual conference. If selected as a finalist, NAAMO will reimburse up to $1,000 for registration and travel expenses. Check out for more details about the conference program and registration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the NAAMO Executive Board Members.

The 2023 application is now available. To receive an application, please email Meriruth Cohenour at The 2023 application deadline is May 1, 2023.

NAAMO Marketing Excellence Award

Criteria for Entry

  • The project should advance the image and professional abilities of NAAMO and its members.
  • The project is unique/innovative in the field of agricultural marketing.
  • The project has a significant impact on the state’s or province’s agricultural economy.
  • The project has measurable impacts on agriculture in the state/province.
  • The project involves new and innovative marketing concepts and methods.
  • The project involves the use of market research or market-based knowledge.
  • The project has an application to other states/provinces.


  • Complete the application and submit it and all support materials electronically.
  • Applications are due around May each year.
  • A state/province can nominate itself.
  • NAAMO Executive Board establishes a committee to evaluate proposals.
  • A member of the Executive Board can submit the application but must excuse himself/herself from evaluations.
  • The top two candidates will be selected by the Executive Board and asked to present their program/project information at the business meeting. Executive Members will select the winning project.
  • The award announcement will be made at the annual meeting banquet with a personalized plaque mailed.
  • Press release and presentation made at NASDA meeting.
  • The NAAMO Executive Board has decided to cover the registration costs ($350) and up to $650 in travel/lodging expenses for the three applications that are selected to present their projects at the NAAMO Annual Meeting 2023!
  • Past NAAMO Marketing Excellence Award Winners

    • 2022: Texas
    • 2022: Wisconsin 
    • 2021: Tennessee 
    • 2020: N/A 
    • 2019: Kansas 
    • 2018: Alaska 
    • 2017: Oklahoma 
    • 2016: Colorado 
    • 2015: North Carolina 
    • 2014: Oregon 
    • 2013: Colorado 
    • 2012: Ontario 
    • 2011: Manitoba 
    • 2010: Texas 
    • 2009: Florida 
    • 2008: North Carolina 
    • 2007: Idaho 
    • 2006: New Mexico